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Clinical Yoga Therapy Course - 1

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Instructor: Dr. Indranill Basu RayLanguage: English

About the course

This course will give the student basic medical knowledge, examine pathologies of various conditions and review related research in yoga. Through evidence-based studies and asynchronous lecture presentations, clinicians and basic scientist faculty will 

  • Review the anatomy of body systems and basic pathophysiology of cardiovascular, metabolic and mental health disorders  
  • Analyze the use of Yoga therapy in supportive management of these health challenges.

Educational Objectives

  • Learn the detailed pathophysiological aspects of different diseases and understand how yoga may be helpful as an adjunctive and conservative form of treatment
  • Learn the role of yoga in different disease states and the appropriate postures and practices to be recommended in each specific disease
  • Learn the current treatment recommendations for each disease and the role of yoga in these treatment plans

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:
  • Apply anatomical terminology to identify and describe locations of major organs of each body system covered.
  • Understand basic pathophysiology and apply medical terminology in various cardiovascular, metabolic and mental health disorders.
  • Evaluate how the above health conditions affect an individual’s overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual milieu.
  • Analyze evidence-based research studies done to support the use of Yoga therapy in management of the above health conditions.
  • Recognize the choices of various Yoga techniques for effective management of each health condition.


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